The Class Pass Series

Welcome to The Class Pass Series

As a dancer and trainer living in London I have access to a HUGE range of different fitness methods, techniques, classes and obsessions. I work as a trainer for my job, something that came to me in a very unexpected way but I job that I love as I am naturally an active person.

During the past 2 years of entering into the boutique fitness world I have seen so many different new, revolutionary and gimmicky fitness fads come to the market and I thought it was about time I tried some out and made up my own mind.

Let it be known that whilst many of my friends consider me ‘the fit one’ and can’t understand how I exercise for up to 5 hours a day (for work), this doesn’t come from a crazy gym freak obsession. Trust me I love pizza, beer and cream teas as much as the next person, however I also love the feeling of pushing my body to it’s limits. I love it when I can feel myself getting stronger, or developing a new physical skill through some new fitness regime, I am also open to try anything at least once.

There are a lot of arrogant people in the fitness industry who believe they know all there is to know and that their method is the only way to achieve a fit and healthy body. I disagree with this notion, I think whatever works for your mind, body and soul is what you should be doing in order to stay in working order.

So over the next few weeks/months class pass in hand, I will be sampling the best of what London has to offer and giving you my very own (hopefully objective) opinion. If you have any classes to suggest, please do! If you have a different opinion to mine, please share, there maybe someone else who also finds your view just as valuable, I know I will.

3, 2, 1 … Go!!!