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March 21, 2017

MOVE Fit the bottom step MOVE Fit is the newest London based fitness event to add to your calendar. Aimed specifically at women, MOVE Fit premiered March 10th-12th at the London ExCel centre. If the name seems familiar, its because it is an addition to the extremely successful MOVE It dance festival which has been going for over 10 years (previously held at Kensington Olympia). As a professional dancer, I have attended MOVE It countless times both before and during my professional training. It has grown into an incredible event, giving colleges the opportunity to showcase their students, choreographers and dancers a chance to showcase their talents and a place to stock up on anything/everything dance related.

The idea of adding a fitness event to an already popular and successful dance event was a stroke of marketing genius. Especially as almost all the dancers I know, also work within the fitness industry in some way (myself included). I headed down to the event with my good friend Jason Seth (The Body Expert) to check out what they had to offer.

First Impressions

Whilst the event is considerably smaller then the main MOVE It event, I was still impressed to see that there was a lot going on. There were plenty of stalls offering a mixture from healthy food to fitness apparel as well as some big sports brands. The entire place was pumping with music and filled with the energy of 100’s of people motivated to be the fittest version of themselves.


There was a full range of classes being offered around the venue, some you were required to book in advanced and others were on the open stages encouraging you to join in. It was a great way to test out a variety of different workouts as well as a great way for new instructors to promote themselves and their brands. Many of these workouts were dance based, high energy HIIT style classes, ideal for the dancers attending. Also perfect for anyone who enjoys a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. I didn’t get the opportunity to sample any of the closed classes, however it was clear to see there popularity by the  amount of people queuing up to get involved.


The Venue

London ExCel is the perfect venue for an event like this, as its made up of lots of different show halls with plenty of space between each. Even though we had been giving a ticket for MOVE Fit, we were still able to go into the main MOVE It exhibition and visit all the stalls and events there.

MOVE Fit the bottom step


There was a great mixture of stalls, with some big names present from Hello Fresh to JD Sports, as well as some less established brands. I had the opportunity to meet the team at Tikiboo where I purchased a couple pairs of vibrant leggings to add to my collection. Their leggings are really fun and vibrant, and the perfect way to brighten up any workout. I also purchased a mini foam roller and foam ball from BlackRoll and if you have read my previous article on Top 5 Post Workout Tips, you will know their importance. They had a full range of products available from back massagers to massaging foam rollers.




There were several stages throughout the event, one being the Dance Fit Stage, where the majority of open fitness classes took place. However the stage that caught my attention was the Insta stage where there were various people giving talks based on fitness, nutrition and well being.

I was fortunate enough to listen to Nicola Feustel’s talk about her very personal journey as a professional Body Builder suffering with Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia and her battle in dealing with her own self image. This talk was extremely emotional and on several occasions Nicola had to pause in order to regain her composure. However her message was an incredibly strong one, and so important at an event such as this. In a world filled with social media profiles of perfectly sculpted bodies in gorgeous bikinis on sandy beaches, it is so easy to get caught up trying to achieve a life that potentially doesn’t exist, (well not without a filter). Nicola’s honest and open delivery of her experiences was a breath of fresh air, even if it was (ironically) taking place on the Insta stage.

The other highlight was watching the group from BARSPARTA sponsored by Bear Gass and led by Jay Chris (@smallspartan_barsparta) perform a series of incredible acrobatic feats of strength on cross bars.


Should you go?

Whether you are someone who is looking to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle or you are a total fitness fanatic then this is the event for you. Whilst it is still in its infant stages, it is already clear to see that MOVE Fit is on its way to being one of the biggest events on the fitness calendar. I would love for there to have been more food stalls, as the only place to buy lunch was from the chain restaurants in the main ExCel entrance (not very Vegan friendly). It would also be great to have more clothing stalls e.g. Trainers, Workout clothing etc. However I’m sure it won’t be long before Nike, Lululemon and Sweaty Betty make an appearance at this event. Overall it was a great day, and the atmosphere was truly electric, I can’t wait to see what next year has to offer!

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