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The First Step – Goals

March 20, 2016

I guess this is the most important post I will ever write for this blog … Wow that’s pressure!

The reason I say this, is because the whole purpose of this blog (for me) is to help me track a journey by setting myself goals and using this space as an archive, a record and a source of inspiration to help me achieve them. I would love for this site to maybe help others in the future find their way or at least help them in starting to figure out a quest of their own.

With all that in mind, this post is exactly that, it is me defining my goals and putting them in black and white so that I (and maybe you) can hold me accountable.

Setting goals blogging essentials

A side note, these are a mixture of different goals, but they all have one common theme in mind, they are the building blocks to me living the life that I ‘want’ to live and not the life I feel I ‘have’ to live.

If you have read my ABOUT page you will have an idea of where I’m starting from.

When I think back I realise I have been setting goals for myself long before I understood what ‘setting a goal’ was, or the significance of doing so. I remember when I was around the age of 14 and I had started to really work towards going to stage school and becoming a professional dancer. I set myself the goal of getting into a particular dance college, i wrote this down in a notebook along with 9 other goals. Years later i found this original piece of paper and was astounded to find i  had actually achieved every single goal without even realising it. Somewhere in my subconscious my mind had been focused on completing them and doing whatever needed to be done to make it happen. I was quite overcome with emotion, and the thought that at such a young age i had set myself these goals and then years later i was at the end of that journey looking back.

Since then i have set myself many different goals, but i have always been focused on one particular path and now i find myself at a cross roads.

Setting goals blogging essentials

So here it is, without further ado, my 10 goals for the next 6months.

1. To stop doing jobs I don’t enjoy.

I currently work lots of different jobs, as a personal trainer, in retail, various teaching work as well as still trying to be a performer. I don’t want to ever do something that I don’t enjoy!

2. To write 1 new post every week for this blog.

I think its important to set goals that you feel you can realistic achieve, no one likes feeling as though they have failed.

3. To start earning income from this blog.

This goal ISN’T about getting rich. I know that it takes lots of focus and hard work to monetise a blog, so what better target to show/prove the work i have put in to it. (but a little extra money for Amazon isn’t a bad thing).

4. To complete a Tough Mudder.

Now this goal is something that i have been wanting to do for a long time and i recently got a group of friends together who are also up for the challenge.

5. To guest post on at least one blog.

Now this is a goal that starts to put me out of my comfort zone (which is great) as it involves expanding my network beyond me, but i think of the journey to get to this point and its SO exciting.

6. To travel to a country that I have never been to before.

I love travelling, and i think one of the jobs i would love to do would be to get paid to travel and write/vlog/blog/talk about it. Any travel presenting job would be ideal!!

7. To decorate our spare bedroom/office

This is a big one, not just for me, but also for my partner who is totally over our current home situation. This is also going to be my new workspace and i want it to be somewhere that i love to be.

8. To be performing on a regular basis.

Now I know this one is a bit vague, and to be honest it’s in part because my performing goals have changed, it used to be all about being on West End! Whilst I would still love to do that, I am now far more open to other performing experiences, however one thing is for sure … I love to be in front of any kind of audience.

9. To spend more quality time with my family.

My family is the driving force for everything that i do, and being able to spend more time with them experiencing new places and enjoying each others company is what life is all about.

10. To complete all 9 of the above goals.

Now this may seem silly, but i think its important to highlight the importance of actually completing the goals you set yourself. What better way to do that then make it an actual goal.

So there it is, my goals and motivation for the next 6 months. It’s always so exciting to see them set out in front of you knowing that if all goes to plan you will have achieved all those things.

My challenge to you is to do the same, if you set yourself some goals in the New Year and are feeling a little discouraged because they are not going the way that you expected then start fresh.

You don’t have to wait for a significant day of the year to do it, do it today! 

Write out 10 goals for yourself, and the reasons why you want to achieve them (it’s so important to know the why behind each one). Then post them! … put a link to your post in the comments and we can achieve our goals together.

Setting goals blogging essentials

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