Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership
Kategori: Erhverv
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN: 9788778532077
Udgivet: 13. januar 2016
Forlag: Libris Digimental A\S
Forfatter: Steen Hildebrandt

This book calls for a radical change of heart towards leadership. It is no less than a paradigm shift in the way we think about leadership - and the way we should lead our companies, people and organizations. Authors Hildebrandt and Stubberup urges executives and managers to adopt a new approach to leadership. An approach that leverage peoples individual experiences and values, and creates sustainable value for both the company and individuals. Sustainable Leadership is a bold vision. But it is a vision that resonates deeply with all aspects of human existence and the existence of the firm or organization. And a sustainable future for both. Building on recent advances in neuroscience, psychology, organizational research, and management thinking, this unique book invites leaders onto a journey towards a sustainable future for all.