The Basic Dairy-free Kitchen

The Basic Dairy-free Kitchen
Kategori: E-Bøger
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN: 9788799967315
Udgivet: 10. februar 2017
Forlag: Karina Villumsen
Forfatter: Karina Villumsen

It is very common to think that milk is a healthy drink. But lately I find that more and more people respond adversaly to the intake of dairy products. Before I removed milk from my diet, I never thought that milk could be harmful or even cause disease. I did not expect that three months without milk could be of such an importance that I lost 10 kilos/22 pounds. Therefore, I have long wanted to make a book with recipes for the most common things you may miss on a dairy free diet. The recipes in this book are made without milk, cream, cheese or butter, soy and gluten. 216 pages with colorful photos and over 80 recipes.